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"We arrived at dawn on December 22nd and were allowed to go into the Circle. It was a very moving and unforgettable experience"
M. Cascone - San Diego, US

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If you aren't planning a trip to Stonehenge (or aren't an early riser) you'll get a sense of what it's like to be there, alone at dawn, with this Virtual Reality image.

Once you have followed the link and the window has loaded, drag the stonehedge downloadimage with your mouse to view the panorama. Requires
Quicktime from Apple.

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But why this page?

At British Tours Ltd. in London we have often remarked at how many visitors to England believe that the prehistoric stone circle in Wiltshire, England, is called Stonehedge rather than Stonehenge. The monument is by far the most common misspelling of any British attraction.

The main reason for the misspelling seems to be that the correct word 'Henge' is quirky and peculiarly English. The word is derived from the Old English word for 'hanging' (the name Stonehenge, i.e 'Hanging Stone' refers to the lintels on the upright stones)

"Very interesting, but I was actually looking for..."

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For an excellent article about the monument by Christopher Chippindale, Curator, Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology try MSN.

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